Over more than 17 years in digital design, I’ve honed my craft through trial, error, and constant learning. This portfolio doesn’t include every project I’ve ever worked on. These projects represent ones where my process was tested, stretched, and fine-tuned.

UX Research

Pharma Industry Data Consumption

How do small, mid-size and large pharmaceutical companies consume and use data and insights?

UX Research

B2B Integration Platform Experience

We found the first-time user experience could benefit the most from improvement efforts and recommendations on how to improve the experience.

Research & Design

Synchronous Game App

How might we battle loneliness and separation which can lead to cognitive decline and dementia?

Research & Design

Health District Website Redesign

How might we redesign a financially focused website to be more patient-focused?

UX Design
NKFM Coaches App and Admin UX

Design of system for diabetes prevention coaches to submit info

UX STrategy
Austin PBS Strategy

Discovering the way forward for Austin PBS

More Work

Company & Personal UX projects

These are a sampling of additional projects I’ve completed both on my own and with my team at Standard Beagle.

UX STrategy
Circlage Surgical Evaluation Platform

UX strategy and design of Circlage, an AI-driven medical assessment platform

UX Research
Scheduling Tool for Health Clinic

Observational research and insights to inform a problem-solving tool for health clinic schedulers

UX Design
iOS app design

iOS app design for medical transport service

UX Research & Design
Multi-speciality clinic UX redesign

Maximizing the patient digital experience