I’ve been speaking to national audiences large and small for more than 5 years.


I offer a number of presentations on experience design, research topics, and UX strategy. I also develop workshops and training programs customized for organizations.

Foresight CAN be 20/20: How To Get Alignment With Tough Stakeholders

Lessons learned from my own experiences in working with stakeholders

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How a button’s design led to $300 million

Design flaws can be costly for companies, both in time and money. But fixing those flaws — even just the design of a button — can lead to big gains.

Product Leadership Lessons from Ted Lasso

Product leaders can learn a lot from Ted Lasso’s style. Leading a strong product design team is a lot like being a good coach. The trouble is — it isn’t easy.

Rethinking User Personas

Designers need a new framework for creating user personas — one which emphasizes behaviors over demographics to be more inclusive and guard against biases.

Outstanding speaker! Cindy was engaging, informative, and exciting. Her presentation had our group of business professionals pondering the many ways in which we could improve our user experience for online customers and avoid unintended sales losses.
— Sylvia Holmes

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Many of my presentations are not available to the public. Here are a few examples of presentations I’ve done both online and in person.

Apr 2024

Adapting Usability Testing for AI Interfaces

In this adaptation of Cindy’s AI and usability testing talk, Cindy was invited to be a guest on a UX podcast to talk about AI and research.

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Apr 2023

Product Leadership Lessons from Ted Lasso

My session, titled “4 Product Design Leadership Lessons from Ted Lasso” from PCA28, Austin’s user-organized (un)conference.

Feb 2023

How to get alignment with tough stakeholders

Working with stakeholders is tough! But it doesn’t have to be painful. In this session Cindy talks through the psychology of working with stakeholders, what to watch for, and techniques to keep the relationship easier.

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Oct 2023


Many companies cut costs to cope with economic downturns. But a good user experience (UX) helps reduce churn and unnecessary costs. You are likely to increase profit with your UX investment.

Nov 2023

Navigating the Maze: Usability Testing Strategies for AI Interfaces

Just as generative AI has changed the way people and businesses think about how to use technology, UX researchers must adapt their methods of testing AI products as well.