I have strong opinions about where we as UX practitioners need to go next.

Product Design Voice

My writing is a thoughtful examination at the intersection between aesthetics and functionality. Product design isn’t just a visual endeavor — it’s a meticulous process of problem-solving and user-centric thinking. I aim to unravel the complexities inherent in this discipline, offering a comprehensive perspective that extends beyond conventional design paradigms.

It’s my hope to elevate the discourse surrounding product design, providing a resource that resonates and shapes the future of UX and experience design.

Articles & Videos

Here are some of the articles and media I’m most proud of. They include links to published articles, podcasts, and videos of events I’ve hosted or organized.

UX Frontiers conference 2023

Links to the YouTube playlist with all videos

B2B UX Design, the Problem with Personas, and More

Podcast guest with the Pragmatic Institute

Managing Stakeholders Through Understanding Human Psychology

Better handle your relationships with stakeholders with the S.C.A.R.F. model

Rethinking User Personas

The article that led to my presentation

Personas with Emotions and Behaviors are More Valuable

Podcast guest about my chapter in “97 Things Every UX Practitioner Should Know”

UX in ATX events

Recordings of UX in ATX monthly meetups

She is an excellent instructor and provided our team with multiple real-world tools that we are using to assess and design our new site. Her teaching style is warm and friendly and she armed us with multiple resources as well. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance for website anything. She is incredibly professional and a welcome source of expertise.
— Raquel “Rocky” Epstein


Additional articles published on various product design topics

Dear Designer

LinkedIn article on the 12 things I wish I knew as a new designer

5 Lessons I wish I Had Learned by 25

Reflections on lessons in business and design

10 Commandments for Creatives

Standard Beagle article

Examination of Peak-End Rule Applied

Research paper on peak-end rule in checkout