My first UX Master’s Case Study

How I designed a simple game for social change

In January, I started work on my Masters of Professional Studies in UX Design at the Maryland Institute College of Art. I want to dive deeper into UX and build my knowledge.

Even though I have more than 15 years of professional experience in this industry, everything I’ve learned has mostly been cobbled together through experience and conferences. The formal education has been a great way to reassess what I know, and I’ve approached every class like I’m a beginner.

My first class was an introduction to UX fundamentals. Our class walked through each stage of the design thinking process and how we might approach a project in our careers. We completed a project to solve for a broad topic of social change.

I chose climate change and travel for my project,and I completed each step of the design thinking process, through prototyping and testing. I published my final case study to Medium and presented the results in class.